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About the Artist

Ian Siso

Born on a military base in Lakenheath, England, Ian grew up in Chula Vista, California, south of downtown San Diego. His former years were consumed by dreams of becoming a professional baseball player but an unfortunate injury saw him having to re-evaluate his options. Abruptly shifting directions in his senior year of high school, he turned to his passion for creating art as a means of expression.


Ian attended Southwestern Jr. College but, with no clear direction etched out for him, he found himself adrift and uncertain of his future. With only a few architectural design classes under his belt, he left to pursue the study of graphic design at the Art Institute of California. However, after realizing that this too was not his calling, Ian took a giant leap of faith, packed his car with his belongings, and began a new adventure in the Pacific Northwest.


With the limited experience he had, Ian managed to secure a job as a Desktop Publisher for a multi-lingual translation company in downtown Vancouver - a far cry from creating art near the warm beaches of San Diego - until his decision to move back to San Diego in 2002. Here, he was able to put his artistic talents to work as an illustrator for two of the leading global apparel companies in Southern California. After close to a decade as an illustrator, Ian had enjoyed the opportunity to work with renowned brands such as Marvel, DC, Discovery Channel, and American Chopper in addition to creating original art for several significant department store chains.


Following these career highlights, Ian decided to work independently as an illustrator and photographer for istockphoto by Getty Images - one of the largest online royalty-free, international micro-stock providers before establishing his own wedding and corporate photography business, Ian Andrew Photography, in 2009. To date, Ian and his team have shot hundreds of weddings and events across San Diego, Southern California, and abroad, positioning themselves as visual storytellers with a photojournalistic and traditional approach that results in bold, artistic imagery of treasured moments.


2015 saw yet another epic moment for Ian when, by chance, he placed a brick of clay in his cart on a routine trip to the art store. Immediately, he was drawn into the creative process of sculpting and a brand new dream with a revitalized vision had begun.


Completely self-taught, Ian now works primarily with oil-based clay to create one-of-a-kind, handmade bronze sculptures, and abstract art using liquid clay and light. His abstract liquid clay art is housed in an online contemporary art gallery where individuals from across the globe invest in pieces of modern mixed medium art to create dynamic, thought-provoking spaces. Equally, his meticulously handcrafted bronze sculptures, which are symbolic of a reflection on our past and a lens into what we seek, act as statement pieces and conversation starters in homes, galleries, and public spaces worldwide.


Drawing all of his artistic pursuits together is Ian's passion for expanding his creative thoughts and ideas with multiple artistic disciplines, finding a new voice and a different mode of expression with each medium.

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