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Artist Statement

Hello, I am Ian Siso, a self-taught artist who lives in sunny San Diego, CA, and specializes in many facets of the art and graphic design industry, sculpture, and photography. Having engaged in a diverse artistic journey over the past 20 years, I dedicate myself to creating original handmade bronze sculptures and capturing memorable moments as a professional wedding and corporate event photographer.


In 2015, I embarked on a transformative artistic journey after discovering the art of sculpting with clay. Despite my late introduction to the unexplored medium, it soon became a profound voice for my rejuvenated artistic expression. 


My work focuses on a representational and figurative style within the genre of Magical Realism , incorporating powerful imagery and movement that uncovers a discoverable narrative through the powerful language of symbolism, metaphor, and gesture. My work explores the enduring strength of personal growth within the human spirit amidst the ever-changing fluctuations of life. My creations delve into the journey of confronting our fears when faced with daunting challenges, nurturing hope amidst uncertainty, and embracing the transformative power of change along our unique paths. By capturing these themes in my work, I aim to evoke a profound sense of introspection, inspiring viewers to recognize their own capacity for resilience and empowering them to navigate life's complexities with unwavering determination.


From the initial spark of inspiration, a sculpture will evolve organically during the creative process. As I sculpt, I trust that the depths of my inner vision and feelings will help shape the final piece based on an internalized image of its potential form. My technique is intricate and highly refined in the details of realism and attempts to capture the dynamic energy and kinetic motion of the human spirit.


What captivates me about sculpting is the freedom it offers. It allows me to expand boundaries and convey personal stories in a three-dimensional, undefined space without restrictions.


I love the ability not just to observe the sculpture but to truly engage with its evolving shape and follow the lines of its gestures to guide towards the final look of what I am trying to convey. The physicality of the creative process itself is immensely fulfilling, as it allows me to intimately connect with the materials and tools to bring my vision to life. I immerse myself in its form, examining its contours and exploring the interplay of light and shadow. It is through this dynamic interaction that I discover new perspectives and unearth hidden meanings.


I use non-hardening, oil-based clays such as Monster Clay, J-Mac Classic Clay, or Chavant NSP. By utilizing these types of clay, I free myself from concerns of clay drying, cracking, or hardening over time, allowing me to invest hundreds of hours into the intricate sculpting of each piece. Once the clay version of the sculpture reaches completion, it undergoes a labor-intensive transformation through the process of the “Lost Wax Bronzing Method,” wherein the foundry and their talented selection of craftsmen cast and fabricate the bronze into its final version, immortalizing the essence in a metal form that can be enjoyed for millennia.


Creating art for me is a labor of love, requiring countless hours of dedication and pouring my heart and soul into each piece.  I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passion for making art and share the fruits of my artistic journey with you. The creative process is ever-evolving, and I eagerly anticipate what lies ahead. With excitement and anticipation, I look forward to sharing new creations, exploring new horizons, and continuing to connect with you through the language of art.


Thank you for your continued support


Ian Siso

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