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Passing Tides of Change

This sculpture, a captivating addition to the "Lost then Found" series, is aptly named "Passing Tides of Change." Its purpose is to artistically convey the profound concept of continual transformation that unfolds within us as we navigate our personal journey. The dynamic composition showcases a spiraling dragon gracefully enveloping and emerging from the human skeletal form, symbolizing the inherent struggle we encounter throughout the ebbs and flows of life. The dragon's grasp on the truth while simultaneously yearning to release it signifies the complex nature of our quest for self-discovery. Moreover, the emergence of a butterfly taking flight from the wooden staff represents a metaphorical metamorphosis, signifying the timeless cycles of renewal and rebirth.


This finished traditional clay sculpture has not been cast in bronze yet.  If you would like to be the first to acquire Limited Edition #1, please contact Ian for a quote or if you have questions. Orders will be processed through Ian directly.

Please allow approximately 8-12 weeks to complete the production and fabrication of the Lost Wax Bronzing Process of this piece before delivery. 


Title: Passing Tides of Change

Artist: Ian Siso

Limited Edition: TBD

Dimensions without base: 23 1/4” H x 17” wide x 14 1/2" deep

A signed and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity will be included with the final bronze.

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